Elena canta Tango

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Elena canta Tango

“In Tango, each song has its own emotion, its mood, sometimes tragic, sometimes melancholic, sometimes romantic. For me, singing and interpreting Tango means to open the heart to revive these emotions”.

Elena Gonzalez



Elena was Born in Patagonia, Argentina, fascinated by the mystic of tango music and dance, she moves to Buenos Aires where she studied tango dance at UNA (National University of Arts). In 2008 she moves to Europe where she works as a tango teacher, dance performer and organizes tango events.

Since 2014 singing has become her artistic focus and passion.
In Argentina she performed at “Los Laureles” and “El Faro”, two of the historical cafes from the golden age of Tango. Sharing stage with Andreas Tordai (guitar), and the composer and guitarist Fabian Nesprías while in Europe. She also joined the Berlin Tango Community Orchestra playing in some of the most popular Milongas in Berlin.
Two of her teachers, Eva Fiori and Noelia Moncada.

Since November 2016, she is based in Melbourne Australia. Leading two projects: Entre TANGO DUO with Elian Sellanes, and “Pio Pio Pio” Children’s Folk Music in Spanish with Pablo Rivas and Michel Bestrin.



Mobile: 0468383622

Email: tango.poets@gmail.com

FB: Elena.Gonzalez.Tango